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Chloe has spent the summer with her best friend Angie in Greece. She decides to end her summer with a trip to the Nemesis Temple in Greece. Angie wanted to sleep in so she told Chloe to go by herself. As Angie leaves the temple she is kidnapped and taken to a place she does not know.

The story is fast-paced in the beginning with the kidnapping. Chloe after a few chapters has “fallen in love” with her unnamed kidnapper. In my opinion, the characters were not developed very deeply causing me not to feel empathy for Chloe or her kidnapper. I had a hard time understanding her “love” for her kidnapper but this could be due to my lack of understanding of the Stockholm Syndrome.

I would recommend this story to someone who likes a fairly fast-paced plot but does not need character development. The story does make one ponder about the Stockholm Syndrome.

Disclamer: I received a copy of this book from the publisher.


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