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Girl Stolen

I received an advanced copy of Girl Stolen by April Henry from Goodreads giveaway. I heard some buzz about the book so I looked forward to reading the book.

I enjoyed Girl Stolen but it did start off a little slow. The story begins when Cheyenne is kidnapped as a result of a car jacking. The car jacker unaware that she was in the backseat decides to go ahead and keep her with him. He doesn’t immediately realize is that Cheyenne is vision impaired. The realization of her handicap creates a dilemma for him and influences his decision on how to handle the situation.

The book as I stated earlier starts slow except for the car jacking itself. As the story unfolds you do begin to care for the characters especially the car jacker, Griffin. You realize that there is more to Griffin than just a boy who steals cars. The author portrays Cheyenne’s blindness as part of the story and does not it up. You do however, learn a little what it might feel like to be visually impaired and what a sighted person takes for granted. The story builds to the exciting ending where I couldn’t put the book down trying to see the resolution. I would recommend this book to any teen who likes mysteries and books with some character development.


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