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Forgetting God

Recently, in our reading plan,  we read 1 Kings 14. This chapter talks about the prophet Ahijah telling Jeroboam that God will make him King over Israel. Jeroboam asks his wife to disguise herself and to go see Ahijah. God seeing that Jeroboam has sinned against him, made all of Israel pay for his sins.  Jeroboam was given everything (the Kingship) yet he choose to forget about God and put him aside. While we were reading this passage we were asked why did we think it was human nature that when everything is going well we forget about God.

I pondered this over the last few days and came up with the following thoughts.  I think that by nature, we have a tendency to think we can do anything. This is especially true when it comes to the American culture of today. In America, it is that pioneering spirit that is held up for all to respect. The person who goes out and just does what it takes. In today’s society rarely do you hear God mentioned when people succeed. Instead it is usually said wow that person did it all that by themselves, they are a self-made man/woman.  In pioneering times, I think more emphasis was placed on religion and God. In schools,  prayer was included and in many cases bible verses and the bible was used to teach people to read and write. God was present in all aspects of the life.

So often today, God and religion is only thought of as a Sunday only phenomenon. Often most people go to Church on Sunday and listen to the sermon. They may discuss what the sermon was about with others or ponder for a few hours after. On Monday, they are back to the grind and believing the American dream that they can do anything if they put their mind to it.

Over the last few years, I have learned that as a Christian it is a walk with God and Christ that I should strive for. Several years ago, I began reading my bible daily and praying many times during the day. I have come to the realization that God has given me talents and gifts and it is through him that I can use them. It is through my daily relationship that I can see His hand in my life, guiding me. I am still very much human and often stumble, but I get back up and start again. I might skip reading my bible here and there or make a poor decision but I am lucky that God gives me a second chance to try and get it right.

I started this blog post several weeks ago. Through the weeks, I have learned that my brother-in-law is still battling a wicked cancer. God continues to give me hope and understanding that He is control. I may want one thing but ultimately God’s plan may not suit my “good” feeling. What ever each of us battles through (big or little), God’s plan may not be for us specifically but for someone else to come to Him, believe in Jesus and ultimately come into his Kingdom.


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