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A Family

The boys- minus Boots

Well our family has grown by two.  We have two new cats, Boodle (Kitten Kaboodle) and Boots.  These two have been hanging around our property for the past four months but it wasn’t until about a month ago that they came close to the house.  I was calling Leon, our Bombay cat, when Boots came bounding up to the back door. It was obvious that he was not getting anything to eat other than what he could catch. It was also obvious that he was at just about a year old.  A few days later, his litter mate, Boodle began to come close to the back door. Boodle would disappear for a few days and then show back up. Paul and I suspected that someone had taken him in so we were cautious of feeding him. After a few weeks it became obvious to us that they were not being taken care of by anyone so we began to talk about adopting them.

Now most people will tell you that dogs and cats do not get along. This is especially said about Border Collies. Seamus, as I have posted before, is sixteen years old and has become crotchety.  I was hesitant about adopting two cats but I had hopes that he would accept them. It was rough the first few days because the cats especially Boodle loved to go up and greet Seamus.  They have come to an agreement about space issues. When Seamus goes out Boots and Boodle both go up and say hello to him. They have begun to watch him when he goes out and make sure he doesn’t wander away. It is similar to Leon’s role in Seamus’s life. (See My Brother’s Keeper)

I look forward to many stories and fun times with our new editions.


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