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Doing Your Own Thing


Someone posted this video and it is rather funny, if you attend a comtemporary church. One of the comments when this was posted was that my church is a “cookie cutter”. I actually disagree while we do follow the same format as this video points out, I think that every institution has to have a plan in order to accomplish anything and for us, humans to feel secure.

Most of us, myself included, like to know what to expect when we go places. How often at Eastridge do we mix things up and change things around. Whether it’s putting the offering at the end of the service or in the middle of the service.  If something is working for someone else and what you are doing is not working, why not try out the way that is successful for someone else.

Having grown up in the Catholic Church, there is some comfort knowing that a service is the same every time. You have a tradition and feeling secure. I do appreciate an organization that is not afraid to change and mix things up but at the same time if you are constantly changing there is no direction for your follower.  Just a few cent from me.  What do you think?


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