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I received Kathleen Fuller’s latest book from Thomas Nielson in exchange for reviewing the book.

Mary Beth Mullet like any thirteen-year-old likes to get away from her family especially her brothers. The Mullets lives in Middlefield Ohio, a Amish Community. Mary Beth has found the perfect place to get away. The only hitch is that her parents have told her not to go to the barn and someone seems to be visiting the barn, disturbing her things. The story follows Mary Beth as she tries to discover who is sharing her barn and keeping the barn a secret from her family.

In my opinion, this book would be best for a tween girl. The story has a small mystery and with all first books in a series introduces the town and cast of characters. The story does show Mary Beth struggling with not obeying her parents with helping someone she discovers that is in a desperate situation and needing help.  While this was not a can’t be put down read, it was enjoyable. I agree with many other reviews that the Amish words seemed to be just added to conversation and do not really fit in with the story.
I look forward to reading the next in the series.


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