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Where Is God?

I just finished my first book that I am reviewing though BookSneeze.com. The book was given to me by Thomas Nelson to review.

Where Is God written by Dr. John Townsend addresses that question that many of us feel when life gets tough. Dr. Townsend uses personal accounts and scripture that illustrate his points.  He starts off with looking at the type of problems people have that begin them asking the question.  According to Dr. Townsend these can be relational, functional, health issues or catastrophes.  The rest of the book address personal growth and the journey to that growth.

Dr. Townsend begins to look at God himself and that God desires us to feel love and be able to love.  He address who is God and the different roles that God uses to  interact with us personally. These interactions vary from God suffering alongside us to connecting us with others. He finally ends the book with how to develop that personal relationship with God. He gives different ways to develop the relationship and addresses the process of faith. My favorite chapter was “Expect the Good”.  Dr. Townsend talks about that we should expect good from God and that will change our attitude about our situation.

At the time that I read this book, I was not going through any crises. I however, was able to identify with times in my life that I have had difficulty and had questioned where was God. I recommend this book to anyone who is experiencing hard times and even those who are not. I learned more about God and ways to continue to grow my faith.


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