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I have never really dealt with senility. My grandmother was inflicted with Alzheimer’s disease but I did not really deal with her. My latest experience is with my dear sixteen year old dog. He has begun exhibiting behavior over the last six months. He wonders around at night and since he is also starting to lose his eyesight he bumps into things. I knew he couldn’t see to well but I didn’t realize the extent he was leaving his mark. His nose as he bumps into the walls at night are leaving black marks. All of our walls are marked up with the black marks of his nose.

He doesn’t hear that well either and so trying to get him in from outside is a challenge. In the dark, it is not so bad. I can flip the outside light on and off (kind of like the disco era) and this will get his attention. If it is day light, he can hear a high whistle but can not decide where the noise is originating from.  Although we get frustrated with him, how can you stay mad when it is just a part of life. We all get older and have afflictions that we have to deal with it. The alternative is not having him around and to me that would be much sadder. I know the day is closer today than yesterday that I will be loosing my companion.  As long as he is not suffering, I plan on having him around as long as the good Lord is willing.


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